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THE ART OF AGEING WELL – Rtd. Inspector Jeet Bahadur Rai

Rtd. Inspector Jeet Bahadur Rai, 69

Nepal Police

Independent facilitator and trainer in fire prevention and control, earthquake safety, first aid and customer care. 

Rtd. Inspector Jeet Bahadur Rai’s persistence to take initiative and create his own space has brought him to where he is today.

He grew up in different parts of South East Asia, was an avid athlete and sportsman playing in the under 23 Melaka rugby team. At age 18, he returned to Nepal with only Rs.100 in his pocket. From the very start of his career with the police force, he strongly believed and continues to believe that one should speak out and do the right thing, whether it is in your work place, family setting or societal setting. He served the country with Nepal Police for 20 years.

After retiring as an Inspector, he changed careers and began working at Hotel Yak and Yeti for the next 17 years. Here he started out as the Head of Security and went on to become the Head of HR Training and Security Management. He has achieved life goals with grit and determination, taking the initiative to seize every opportunity to learn and grow.

Rtd. Inspector Rai is a stellar example of what hard work and determination can achieve. More recently he has become a trainer in fire prevention and control, earthquake safety, first aid and customer care. He specifically offers trainings to those who are planning to work abroad through different companies facilitating them in his areas of expertise.

He strongly believes in the dignity of labor, of not only learning skills but doing things well! Looking back at his professional journey, Rtd. Inspector Rai is most proud of the fact that through his own efforts he was able to experience, travel and learn to become who he is today.

After returning to Nepal, he only once asked his father for an additional Rs. 100 but thereafter has always remained financially independent.

He shares that he is blessed with a great family, especially a wife who supports all he does. Today, Rtd. Inspector Rai is young at heart and a great conversationalist with an undeniable zeal for life!