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A woman you admire in politics and why?

Arun Rana
CEO, Samriddha Pahad UK

Hillary Clinton was US Senator from New York when I was doing my graduate studies in Columbia. In fact, I volunteered in her 2000 Senate campaign whereby I felt honoured to shake hands following her victory. Again I had the privilege to become associated with her campaign during last year’s presidential election in which unfortunately she lost. She came short of becoming the first female president despite winning the popular votes by almost three million but still became the first woman nominee of a major political party.

Moreover, I have the conviction that Hillary is a daring personality and yet is humble and kind hearted. Despite her love-hate relation with people, I adore Hillary Clinton. She is articulate bringing in so much clarity when she speaks. She is confident in whatever she does, and is a synonym of the word ‘fighter.’ Her opponent Trump also acknowledged that “she doesn’t quit.” Even when the Monica Lewinsky scandal erupted like wildfire and shook Washington, this lady stood by her husband for the sake of her family and nation. I always have had the impression that she is a loving wife, caring mother and more importantly a compassionate human being.