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ASMAN A Touch of Good in The Sky

Association of St. Mary’s Alumnae Nepal (ASMAN) has been working for the past 27 years as a non-profit committed to supporting under privileged children and women across Nepal. The association brings together former students of St. Mary’s High School, the most prestigious girls’ school in the country. ASMAN’s work and commitment encompasses support in the areas of health, education, environment, skill development, cultural awareness and personality development. Its mail goal is to live up to the school ideal – for knowledge, virtue and for the betterment of society through philanthropy. In this edition of Coffee Break, WOW spoke with six founder members of ASMAN about what it means to be a Marian and the key areas that ASMAN in currently engaged with. Excerpts:

Co-ordinated by: Rojina Adhikari

Arya Kharel
Public Relations and Communications Liaison, ASMAN

What are the traits of a Marian?

An integrated personality, a strong character, love of truth, respect, loyalty, a sense of justice and the necessity for honest hard work are the traits of a true Marian which make them an honor to womanhood and a source of happiness and blessing to all with whom they come in contact.

How does the education here distinguish you from the rest?

‘For knowledge and virtue’ is the motto St. Mary’s abides by and that is the core aspect which makes us different. The perfect blend of knowledge and value based education enhanced with a touch of practicality that aims at inculcating in students the right values and attitude. This along with physical training, social and cultural activities and extracurricular activities are given adequate space in a student’s education to make them disciplined and worthy citizens.

Some of the key areas ASMAN is involved in…

Social service in the sector of health, education, environment, cultural awareness and development are key areas that ASMAN is involved in. I would like to elaborate about our skill development programs. We organise trainings for women from less privilege backgrounds to empower them and make them financially independent. We have recently conducted trainings for mothers of our sponsored students from Mary Ward, Lubhu. We believe these kinds of programs help us reach out to families as a whole and help empower them.

What does giving back to society mean to you?

For me giving back to society means when you give and expect nothing in return, where the prime and sole reward is the realisation that you’ve made a significant and constructive change in someone’s life.

Best thing about being part of ASMAN?

The best thing about being part of ASMAN is the feeling for me of being a family. Each of us is different and unique in our own way and despite coming from different backgrounds we still come together to make the best of our abilities.