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Should your relationship be the only priority for it to work?

Asha Dangol (Co-Founder, E-Arts Nepal)

I think there should be a fine balance. You should not lose your identity nor neglect your partner’s need. When I am working, I prioritise my art and when I am with my family, I ensure I am not distracted by my work.  I think the key to my healthy relationship is my spouse; she has been my strength throughout my journey. But I’ll say to those who are not married and in a short-term relationship, your priority should be your parents and your work.

Erina Tamrakar (Visual Artist)

Before my marriage, art was my priority. However, post-marriage, my partner and my son have become priority. I always put their needs first. I think it’s the key to my happy married life as well. Also, as my partner and I are in the same profession, it has helped a lot to maintain the balance between work and family.