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WOW annual list of eligible bachelors 2016

Asish Thakur

Age: 21
Location: Lalitpur
Job Title/Profession: Executive Director, Glocal Pvt. Ltd.
Twitter: @AsishThakur
Instagram: @thakurasish

Here’s a man who wants things real. No pretence, no games for Asish Thakur. What you see is what you get, and he is looking for someone who can accept him just the way he is.



What attracts you to a woman?

I work with a lot of ladies, and have found they are better and more understanding at work. Their nature of caring, togetherness, positivity and logical perspective are attractive to me.

Three things a woman should know about you

  • I am blunt/ straight forward
  • Earning is better than receiving
  • Work is top priority

On a romantic date, you…

Will be informal (which I am generally not), unmasked, and somewhere far away together.

Relationship fear

Expectations are a big fear in any story of life. The concept of expectation vs. reality holds true in a lot of cases. Priorities can be different in the cycle of time and sometimes relationships might not be top priority, this may create a lot of misunderstanding and differences in a relationship.

Baffling woman behaviour

Finding the difference between what they want and say. Incomplete conversations.

Ideal age to settle down

I haven’t thought about that yet. May be 28-30.

How long should great sex last?

Till it feels great.

You know you are in love when…

Loving is being happy about whom you love.