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What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Asmita Verma
Youth Leader, Nepali Congress

It’s rather a hypothetical question. But the question demands a certain degree of confidence when you believe in yourself. You have certain attributes that you are so certain about and want to employ to achieve what you have dreamt of. Like many others of the younger generation, I too have certain goals. But it’s difficult to find out what you are best at and you will not fail at it if you attempt it.

One thing that I am so confident about and I know I won’t fail at is my career in politics. There are two reasons for me to believe that I will not fail at politics. First of all, I have made impact as a nonpartisan young leader in the Student Union I represent as central committee member. My involvement and approach to politics is different from the rest of the young leaders. This unique approach has earned me both accolades and criticism. But I gather strength from my adversaries and have learnt to move on. The second is that I have crafted a vision of my own in the politics I want to pursue. I won’t ever hesitate to honour democracy and the rights of my fellow citizens and fight for the rights of minority, discriminated and under privileged.

I know it’s not all easy for a woman to make it big in politics. But my strength is my ideology and ethos that are the driving force behind my motivation. If you have the motivation, energy, enthusiasm and willingness to achieve what you want, I guess the work is half done!