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Is social media ruling your life?

Asmita Verma
Youth leader, Nepali Congress

Social media and day to day social life is intertwined in today’s time for many younger generation in metropolis and smaller towns alike. From getting weather updates to sharing notes and assignments, social media is a handy tool. Moreover, to create a conscious society social media in various forms is used and has influenced our lives. Being a political activist, I think when it’s used for better insight, sheds light on pertaining social issues, shares your inner thoughts, and relays information, it has a significant effect. In politics, priority for people should come first and foremost which helps in establishing an equitable society. Whether social media is ruling our lives maybe contested by people who use it for various constructive purposes, but we have to be aware that it should not become an addiction and used for character assassination and proliferate invalid arguments for perpetuating hate. By not letting instant gratification take over us, social media can be constructively used rather than letting it rule our lives.