WOW | Coffee Break


Avas Karmacharya
Communications Officer , British Council,
Street Photographer, Poet

I wouldn’t exactly say that this book changed my life, but yes, it did change my perspective of looking at things and people. Carmen Bin Ladin’s ‘Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia’ moved me deeply. It was her own story of being a Swiss born woman, married off to the elder brother of Osama Bin Ladin, then living her life behind the veil. The book is a curtain raiser to her life, her journey of being a free spirited woman to being married off to a conservative family practicing radical Islam, then getting divorced to only experience the 9’11 attack and living a life with prejudices from most corners.

This book gave me the eye to look at things differently, to not be judgmental about people, to keep aside prejudices, to realise how what is said or shown can be so far from reality. We often believe what we see and hear, we often talk about people rather than with people, we often feel that we know so much when each of us are carrying our own baggage and playing our parts… and we know so little. This book helped me realise that we humans are discovering more than understanding each other.