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Does her being too wild in bed make her not long term relationship material ?

Avash Karmacharya

We already live in a very crazy world where men are often guided by their hypocritical ego. Many a time, they dream about something but wish for the opposite. This is the same. Men often talk about having a partner who could be wild with them in bed, and when they get one, they bury themselves under the traditional notion of gender behaviours where men are supposedly superior and powerful. However, I cannot generalise and put everyone in the same basket.

As times are changing and gender behaviours are being redefined, there are many men who appreciate the fact that every gender can be fun and go crazy with their fellow partner. Many relationships have fallen apart given the fact that either of the genders missed the craziness in bed leading to fishing in the market or extramarital affairs. I actually think that going crazy at times is very important to spice up a relationship for it tells you that your partner is interested in you regardless of the time you have been together and wants to share with you their true self like with nobody else. In short, it’s better to swim like a dolphin than a starfish.