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When was the last time you said … I love you!!

Avash Karmacharya
street photographer /communications officer, british council

The last time I said ‘I love you’ was probably five minutes ago. Love is such a sacred thing, such an empowering feeling, it can be hurtful at times but it is yet the most personal experience we all cherish. While in love, be it with your parents, family, friends, lover, pets, it is great to sometimes read between the silence and appreciate the love people have for you and vice versa.

Nonetheless, it is as important many times to express how much you love a person and care for them. There is nothing to lose or fear when expressing compassion. It only strengthens the bond, and adds respect for each other. It is always great to let people know how much you care for them. Attention, affection and appreciation are something everyone desires for and its human nature. Sadly we live in a world where guns are out in the open and expressing love is such a big deal. Love, express, live.