WOW | What You Think

Do you read the news? How relevant is the news today? Do you believe what you read?


For me it depends on the news. When it comes to reporting of events I do believe in the news but when it comes to entertainment, I wait for the follow up. The reason… because most of it is not always encouraging. I make sure I filter the information rather than believe what makes headlines especially when it comes to entertainment news.

Now it is very apparent that everything is online. Be it news, entertainment, sports, you name it and because of that reason a lot of us have become accustomed to waking up in the morning and getting our daily dose of news on mobile apps and even social media portals. I have these apps on my phone and invariably at some point of the day I visit these apps to keep myself updated on what is going on in my country and the world.

Kind of contradictory when I say I don’t read newspapers but I do read what’s going on in apps the reason though is because every minute, everything is being updated. Not saying everything is legit but it’s actually better to know what ‘actually’ is rather than conforming to what ‘could’ be. Now I say this because, working in the field that I do, a lot of news or should I say ‘gossip’ that tabloids love featuring so much are just a bunch of, how to put this nicely, fluff, yes fluff!

I’m a firm believer of the term “What I see is true, rather than what I hear to be true.”