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How important is it to maintain SELF-IDENTITY in a relationship?

Basant Chaudhary

You are your self-identity. You cannot exist without it. In fact, one gets into a relationship because of the identity one has. That is what brings people together. Therefore, changing or altering your real self to somehow keep a relationship alive would be the worst thing to do. Won’t you be faking yourself by creating a false identity to keep the other person enchanted? Falsehood cannot last for long. The real you will emerge one day. One needs to be loved, liked, adored and admired for what he or she actually is. I would even prefer to be hated for what I really am than what I am not. After all, love and hate are two sides of a relationship.

I have come across people who totally transform their outer persona and behaviour to seek their object of affection. The attraction is so strong that they continue to maintain the facade to keep the relationship going. But how long can you go against the grain of your nature? Also remember that the other person is not loving you but the false personality which you have created driven by your infatuation. This is the perfect recipe for rupturing of relationships. Be yourself if you want a relationship to last.