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Basanti Pradhan – Living in the Present

Basanti Pradhan is cheerful, strong and determined. A successful entrepreneur and an active advocate for women empowerment, she runs a successful floriculture business. Besides being the CEO of Rudyn Agriflora, she is an Executive Board Member at the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal and Advisor at Floriculture Association of Nepal.

Life is beautiful because…

It is a series of thousands of miracles. You just have to notice the positivity in all situations.

The best year of my life

Every year is filled with beautiful memories. Rather than a year, I feel alive in the present which never ends.

I earned my first pay

When I was 18 years old as a freelance writer.

Best gift i have ever received

We had given training on women entrepreneurship in Chitwan. On the last day many of the participating ladies cried saying they did not want an end to this training. I was overwhelmed.

The most beautiful person in my life

My daughter, she is an inspiration to get me going at all times.

The secret behind my glow

Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association, it’s wonderful when women bond together for a cause.

The oldest item in my closet

My mum’s sari which is older than me.

Always in my bag

Sunglasses, lip balm, lipstick, wallet and mobile phone.

Happiness is ...

To be able to immerse completely in anything you do.

Definition of beauty

When I see the inner essence of a person and feel I am opening doors to see them more perfectly.


Elixir by Yves Rocher, Miss Dior by Christian Dior, Wonderlust by Michael Kors and Untold by Elizabeth Arden.


On my wish-list


I can forever dance to

Nepali Naumati Baja.

Most Loved Possession ...

My mother’s jewellery. I feel like my parents are close to me when I wear them.

A beauty hack that works…

Good rest.

Home Remedy that i swear by

A brew of turmeric, ginger, salt, cumin when your voice goes down.

I stay fit by…

Sudarshan Kriya makes me alive inside and out.

Last book I read

Many Masters Many Lives by Brian Weiss.

Style Icon

Bhawani Rana.


MacBook Pro and Samsung Note 9.

Always in my handbag

Hairbrush, lipstick, debit card, mobile, perfume, hand sanitizer, a notebook and pen.

Most expensive item in my closet

A coat I bought in Turkey.

You can't-live-without

My mobile phone.

A quote that I live by…

Surround yourself with people who bring the inner light within you.