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Be your own Boss

Anuradha Tibrewala

Senior Architect/Founder, Building Concepts
Nature of business: Consulting


Anuradha Tibrewala is a believer of less is more. After having worked on various projects while in India, this architect, upon return to Nepal, established Building Concepts which has been designing retail, residential and commercial spaces with great success.

Initial investment

My ideas are my investment and funding comes from the clients. I took things slow and started with one project at a time with no initial investment.

Being a woman boss

I am lucky to be a woman and love being one. Having worked with both women and men, I feel women bring a lot of sensitivity and maturity to the work environment. It’s inherent in us to deal with multiple challenges. I think we bring different perspectives at work and also the way we solve problems is very different from how men approach them.


Managing others dreams and spaces is a huge responsibility which comes with multiple challenges at all times. I have to work hard, stay with my ideas and ensure that I am well networked.
Being a mother while running my firm is also challenging. I have to maintain balance in both personal and professional life and this is the key to truly achieve that elusive work-life balance.

Breaking into the boys’ club

Entrepreneurship was once considered a man’s domain but the tide has shifted. I have the confidence in myself and my abilities to run the initiative. I let my work speak for itself.

Dressing the part

The first impression always lasts long. For all my client meetings, classy pants and a shirt or top is definitely my go-to option. For regular days, I love wearing comfort clothes like jeans and casual tees.