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Be your own Boss

Dikila Lama

Director, Sherpa Adventure Outlet
Nature of business: Import


13 years into the business, Dikila Lama first started with import and export of Pashmina and cashmere products. She is now the Director of Sherpa Adventure Outlet which is the authorised distributor of renowned international brands like North Face and Timberland.

Fun aspects of being your own boss

You get to meet different people, get to travel a lot, and even share your views on different matters. That is perhaps the best way to get your business a lot of exposure too. All this also helps you divert your mind from monotony that is pretty common in a woman’s life.

Challenges of being a woman boss

One of the biggest challenges women bosses have to face is being taken for granted because of your gender. Some think women can’t do anything significant. However, times have changed and many women are empowered. Hence, I really want men to change their perspective towards women in top positions.

Are you a risk taker?

I just don’t take risk blankly. I take calculated risks.

How do you charge yourself when you are low?

I am a very spiritual person. So, during my low moments, I go to the gym and even do meditation. Whatever gives me a peace of mind is meditation for me. Spiritualism and working out reenergise me. On the other hand, I try to take every challenge positively because I believe you learn something from every obstacle in life.

Dressing the part

It is definitely important. We are not Gods to figure out how a person is from the inside in the first meeting. Hence, we tend to judge others from their dress-up and outer appearance. So if you want the other person to get a good impression, then I think it is essential that you look presentable. Sometimes, I dress formal but mostly, I make sure I dress myself well with outfits that make me feel confident.

Success mantra…

When you’re running a business, it’s not just you but there’s a whole team you have to work and coordinate with. And when you’re working with a group of people, there will definitely be difference in thoughts and ego clashes. Hence, you need to be positive and supportive of each other whenever a problem arises. Also, you have to keep your ego aside and focus on upgrading the organisation.

Recent success

It has got to be the time when we attained the authorised dealership of the international brand Timberland which we recently launched last May. I think it was due to our goodwill that helped us to partner with such big brand.