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Be your own Boss

Kreepa Shrestha

Managing Director, Supply Support
Nature of business: Product Promotion and Merchandising


Initially, Kreepa Shrestha did not have a concrete plan for her future until the sudden demise of her father. She had to then take over her family business of printing and press which she later expanded to merchandising with her personal savings. Supply Support produces various promotional products. For Kreepa Shrestha, entrepreneurship is all about the freedom to create your identity and to be able to make your own decisions.

Being your own boss

Holding discretionary powers to make decisions, having the opportunity to explore and being financially independent!

Being a woman boss

As a woman boss, additional dedication and efforts are required. Also a requisite balance between personal and professional life becomes mandatory.

Are you a risk taker?

I follow my instincts and love taking risks. Calculation isn’t my cup of tea. My instincts have led me this far.

Breaking into boy’s club

I haven’t ever come across extreme stereotypes. People have generally been encouraging and friendly. A little problem does arise when dealing with people and during decision making.

How do you recharge yourself…

I shut down for awhile; spend time indoors with food and movies.

Dressing the part

I’m not too trendy but I prefer picking my outfits myself, designing them based on my research. To me quality is of utmost importance. I personally prefer tailored clothes.