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Be your own Boss

Mridula (Jolly) Rajbhandari

Executive Director, Tara Oriental
Nature of business: Manufacturer and Exporter of Cashmere Products


Although initiated by her husband, Mridula Rajbhandari has been an equal partner in the business as she is for him in real life. Mridula is a versatile entrepreneur who enjoys both the creative and business aspects of her profession.

Being a woman boss

I think women are more approachable, hence people like to interact with us which is always an advantage. As we all know, growing PR is good for any kind of business. However, generally speaking men don’t take us seriously. On the other hand, it’s difficult to deal with labour.

Breaking into boy’s club

I didn’t need to break into the boy’s club since Anin and I have always worked together and he has always supported me to the fullest. The men around me have always been very supportive.

How do you recharge…

I practise yoga and go for walks.

Dressing the part

Smart dressing is essential.