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Be your own Boss

Amshu Dali

Managing Director of Prakriti Bread
Nature of business: Bakery


Breaking out of the monotony of a desk job, Amshu Dali wanted to do something different. With guidance from her mother, she established Prakriti Bread- an all women bakery company. With an initial investment of Rs six lakhs, a group of six started the venture and trained in Japan to refine their skills to foster and grow the business.

Being your own boss

It’s great being a boss. First and foremost, I enjoy my work as it deals with baking because I am a foodie myself.

Being a woman boss

Dealing with customers can become challenging as people don’t tend to take women dealers seriously. I make sure to let people know that I am very serious about what I do.

Are you a risk taker?

This has by far been my biggest risk. I’m a graphic designer otherwise and don’t belong to a business background. I had a secure job. But with an urge to do something independent I risked everything.

Breaking into the boy’s club

With passing years, the number of women bosses is growing exponentially. And it feels great to break the stereotype, to be able to compete with the dominant gender. It’s actually nice to see women as bosses and not just being under someone else’s control and doing household chores. I also owe it to my mother for being a great support for me. I prefer to listen to her than follow my gut at times.

Dressing the part

For meetings, formals work best. Your dressing gives your first impression hence it is very important. In the bakery of course, fancy clothes are a big no!