WOW | Ed Page

Become a better version of who you are

It was a beautiful sunshiney morning after several days of incessant rain….when the sky was a perfect blue and white clouds roamed the skies freely and everything looked green and lush and pretty. And I was just happy.

Often it is the simplest things in life that carry the most profound wisdom… when you look at a magnificent sunset or watch a river flow freely, when you catch the falling leaves of autumn or see birds fly home together at dusk, the pure look of adoration in a pets eyes, reading poetry or a healing hug. These moments, I feel, are the silent teachers that allow you to turn inward and experience the magic of being truly alive.

True communication rarely needs words… it is the energy that emanates and touches another. Trees rise up to the sky yet are deeply rooted to the earth, the wind teaches us that not all things must be seen or heard to be felt and experienced, water flows in so many ways yet it is unperturbed in its journey across rocks and boulders, mountains teach us about a quiet strength that each one of us possess… people claim to conquer mountains but is it really the mountain they conquer or what is inside of them?

Life’s little lessons are hidden in the quiet pockets of solitude we allow ourselves. It’s so easy to get caught in the rush of life, living a life of mindless consumerism, ego and wants, often forgetting the very essence of our being or the purpose of what really drives life. We don’t have to live our lives limited by fear, anger, greed, poor health and the box of success defined by others. Every day, every moment is an opportunity to transform yourself… to change what makes you unhappy, to reshape your thoughts, to become a better version of who you are.