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Bibhusha Dahal

Bibhusha Dahal is our WOW cover girl for the month of August. This 18-year-old is not just pretty but has a great sense of humour. Daughter of well known media personalities Bhushan and Kohinoor Dahal, she has big shoes to fill!

Bibhusha wants to become an entrepreneur and is studying business management. She believes that with focus, all goals are achievable and success is inevitable. She also enjoys photography and time out with friends. Read on to get to know her better.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Ambivert, Foodie, Nature lover

Your biggest strength

I am a good listener

Your ultimate goal in life

To make the best of my life

You are happiest when

Things work out exactly the way I plan

What are you busy with at the moment?

Dreaming for a meaningful LIFE! LOL! Plus, I’m doing an internship at an NGO called BVS-Nepal (Burn Violence Survivors Nepal).

Style vs Trend

Tattoo Vs Chalk marks


Too young to have any

Life is

A discovery

Ten years from now…

Will be ten years older and wiser for sure!