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Can you still be friends after a breakup?

Bijay Basnet
Artist Manager, Arbitrary Group

It depends on the type of relationship that was shared. Personally, I am not friends with any of my exes, but I know some people who still hang out and talk to their exes. For me, having my ex around would be a constant reminder of what went wrong in the relationship. And, if it was bad enough to end up in a breakup, I am certain that I would not want to still be friends with that person. I feel like even if you do have that person around as your ‘friend’, there will always be that history, which is bound to pop up and mess things up at some point or the other. So, instead of going through another meaningless drama, why not prevent it in the first place? I would honestly want my ex to do well and good, but in her own ways, in her own space, in her own separate life. I would say that being friends after a breakup is a gamble. A lot of factors come into play, and you have to be very focused, patient and lucky to get everything right. I just do not want to take that risk because I have always been super unlucky when it comes to gambling.