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How important is it to maintain SELF-IDENTITY in a relationship?

Bilal Ahmed Shah
CEO, Latido Leathers

I don’t know how other perceive self identity but for me self identity is understanding the self at a very different level. It is about understanding your sub conscious and conscious and knowing who you are. Different people have different perception and they perceive you from their level of perception.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it is important to maintain self-identity because that is what keeps you going. It’s about identifying yourself and knowing yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. Self identity helps you discover yourself more.

For me self identity is when I get to do the things I want. Be it spiritual, emotional, physical or mental. I always make sure that these four aspects of my life are always rectified and identified. And once you have recognised your identity, it is very important to keep this in mind even in a relationship. I would call itself awareness where you are aware of your own feelings and decisions and you act accordingly. When you have a sense of the, so you can also understand from the other person’s perspective and understand them on a different level. Self-identity helps you regulate your mind, body and emotions, and helps you create a strong and healthy relationship.