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Why do women end up doing more housework and why are they the primary caretakers of children even when they are working women?

Bimee Maskey
Brand Officer
Dish Media Network

There’s actually no explanation for why women end up doing more housework. No gender is physically predisposed to want to do dishes or take out the trash. In many cases, women are the breadwinners and still work longer hours than men. They are the first in the family to get out of the bed and last to rest. Today women spend more time in paid job but still come home to the second shift as they find it hard to outsource those roles.

Women are told by their parents, ad agencies and a host of other societal forces that they are responsible for keeping the house clean, and when they push back they are slapped with pejorative. Just because women are found to be more caring and have maintained higher cleanliness standard does not mean that they should be imposed with household work always. The responsibility rests on both genders. Women are breaking glass ceiling at work but we have not made it at home. I guess we just get fed up having to nag to get things done and do it ourselves.