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How important is it to maintain SELF-IDENTITY in a relationship?

Binaya Dongol
Manager, The Victory Lounge

Living happily ever after is something we all want, whether we are able to admit it or not, and the story of love that just keeps growing, the lust that keeps coming, the passion that burns and burns… is all so deeply rooted in our brains that we are sometimes ready to sacrifice everything else for it, our individuality being more often than not the first victim. But the success of the relationship often depends on our abilities to remain true to ourselves. And although everyone believes that being selfish is a negative, a little self-concern can go a long way. Time together is as important as time apart in a relationship. Therefore do not forget your likes and dislikes, the small things that bring you joy even if they are not shared by your partner. There is no need to abandon them because they bring you some much deserved ‘me-time’.