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Do YOU celebrate traditions?

Binita Shrestha
Co-Founder/CEO, Women in STEM

Traditions have always been an integral part of our life. As humans we adopt different cultures, traditions, rites and rituals in society. Though our traditions differ with the religion we follow, they teach us discipline, are a way to celebrate life, and value the things we receive.

Traditions tell us about our ancestry and are a way to celebrate diversity and unity as a country. It is important as it reinforces integrity and values. It contributes to a sense of comfort and belongingness. But in the fast changing world, celebrating traditions has over the years been modified. Some people tend to follow trends while others practice it in a well preserved manner to keep intact the customs that represent our identity.

I celebrate the Newari culture and traditions. We are renowned for sumptuous feasting, festivals and jatras, and have cuisines accordingly. Newari food is one of the most celebrated in the country with over 200 dishes. The next generations are guided in these traditions and made to understand the value and importance of the celebrations.