WOW | Life's Beautiful

Bipashi Tuladhar

Bipashi Tuladhar ( Commercial Pilot, Delta Qualiflight Aviation, USA, Make-up Artist
Member, Zonta Club of Kathmandu )

What makes a person beautiful?
I find a person beautiful when she is full of positivity, humility, a pure heart and a beautiful smile

Current perfume
Dior Cherie and D&G Light Blue

I am addicted to
My phone, internet and americano

On my wish list
Travel to Greece and Egypt


I stay fit by
Zumba, cardio and weight lifting. I am a foodie but I watch my carb and deep fried food intake.


Best year of my life
Can’t just say a single year, 2007-2010 was a transforming phase for me where I learnt to be myself and love myself. And 2016 coz I finally lost 19 kgs and learnt to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Latest splurge
Macbook Pro Retina


Skin care
Face: I follow cleansing, toning and moisturising every day. I scrub my skin once to twice a month. I use a lot of oil-based moisturisers like Argan oil from Physicians Formula, Vitamin E intense moisturiser by Body Shop, Nutriganics Day/Night cream from Body Shop,
Drops of Youth- eye serum from Body Shop (I don’t use all these at once but according to my skin requirement). If my skin feels oily I hop to my Tea Tree collection from Body Shop.
Body: Body butters from Whish, body creams from Bath and Body Works and olive oil if my skin feels extremely dry.

Iphone 5s, Samsung Tab and Macbook Pro Retina

Style icons
I get my inspiration from curvy ladies like JLo and the Kardashian sisters, specially, “Khloe” as I am a big curvy girl myself.

Always in my handbag
Makeup-kit, phone, chewing gum, paper soap or hand sanitiser, wallet, my portable charger and a pair of sunglasses.

To unwind I……
Meet my friends over coffee or Watch Youtube or Netflix, I can be a couch potato for days if I am free (GUILTY)!

Favorite holiday destination
Good company is what makes any travel experience worthwhile, so I’d say anywhere with the other two from our group of “Three Stooges”

I always struggle with
Keeping my hair pin straight after I iron them, stubborn CURLY hair what more can I say!

Best thing about being me.
“She’s a woman with dreams and the guts to chase after them” my cousin Pranidhi said this reminded her of me! I have saved this as my phone wallpaper to get motivated every day. I do agree as I get very passionate about the things I love, it makes me come alive and up.

Make up…can’t do without
Mascara, eyebrow kit, light coverage foundation, lipstick and highlighter/bronzer

Favorite cosmetic brand
For a makeup geek like me I can never pick a single brand, but for overall products I like MAC cosmetics, especially their lipsticks and Studio Fix Powder foundation.

3 things I absolutely do to look my best
Eyebrow kit, curl control hair cream and a big smile, these three things always make me look happy and fresh

On a bad hair day
Messy bun! Thanks to my genes I have curly hair.

One tip I learnt that makes me photo ready
SMILE. No highlighter can brighten up your face like a SMILE.