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When men react violently to shame women…

Bipin Nakarmi
DJ / Owner, Victory Lounge and Arbitrary Production

I am totally against violence, not just gender based but violence altogether. We are highly evolved intellectual animals, hurting each other physically is the last thing we should do. I believe all these years of evolution with all these advanced technologies, we are meant to be much more than just being violent. As a guy my ethics doesn’t allow me to hurt a woman. I’ve always stand up when things go violent. I think those who are abusive to women are idiots. If a guy thinks he can overpower a woman by using physical strength then he shouldn’t be allowed to be a part of our society. If there is a problem we should talk it out. Resolve it with proper communication. There is no point in using strength and abusing. We are social animals, be a gentleman, respect women and live with chivalry.