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Do You Care What Others Think About Your Partner?

Bishal Gopal Dhaubadel
Manager, Fine Education Foundation

People’s opinion about my partner is not important. The most important things in a relationship, for me, are the bonding, understanding and love between us. As long as we have this, I am happy and it really doesn’t matter what others think.

For me, she comes before anybody else. And if I continuously listen to what others have to say about her it can be damaging to our relationship. I always want to create and maintain a strong intimacy and deep bonding with my partner.

I can nourish this relationship only if I am able to stand for her and with her. In the end, it’s not others I want to be with and who will always be there for me, it’s only my partner who will always be by my side, cheering me on and always sticking up for me as well.