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A part of the Nepali music industry since 15 years, Brijesh Shrestha never fails to mesmerise his audience. His songs are played almost everywhere from alleys and shops to parties and events, and appreciated across age groups. The social media has been a major platform for Brijesh’s growth and popularity. The young artist who originally belongs to Dharan shares his musical journey with WOW.

Text: Anushka Shrestha

Tell us something about your YouTube channel ‘Ness Studio’.

Ness studio is all about working as a team. It is an open platform for all upcoming talented artists as we focus on growing together. We try to grab the opportunities for learning as much as we can to create a whole new level of experience.

Are you planning on a sequel of Oh Maicha?

Actually Oh Maicha itself was unplanned. Like any other day, my team and I were jamming in the studio, when we came up with
Oh Maicha, and rest is history. Hopefully, we will come up with the Oh Maicha sequel.

You began producing music at the age of 13; what has the journey been like?

Around 2005, my dad had opened up a small studio in our house. Since then, I started spending more time listening to his music and slowly ventured into creating music for clients. Then I moved to Kathmandu and worked with one of my brothers. Eventually I got a lot of opportunities. The journey has been full of excitement and hardship too. It’s almost like an educational experience. When I look back, I feel overwhelmed to see how far I have come. I have not only learnt about music but also some valuable life lessons. It has made me stronger in many ways. Brijesh Shrestha is who he is because of his past and is ready for anything new now.

Your songs are mostly of R&B genre…

Ness has not only created R&B genre of music, we have experimented with hip-hop, rap, folk, pop music and more. We are also working on bringing K-pop influenced music to Nepal.

Din Ra Hapta did tremendously well receiving 300k views in just 24 hours. How did this happen?

Kudos to the people following Ness studio! Din Ra Hapta journey was such a fun and overwhelming experience for us as it is a Nepali lok-pop song reflecting a hint of Nepali tradition with different musical instruments. We have showcased Nepali culture by using lakhey, dhimey, jhamtas. We shot the video in the alleys of Bhaktapur. We never thought it would receive so much love in a single day. The result really motivated us to do better. This was my first single with over a million views. I am always grateful to my well wishers and viewers for their support.

What do you think of the music industry?

I have been working in this industry for over 15 years now. My journey in this field has been full of musical changes from folk music to classical to blues and a lot of trends going back and forth. The Nepali music industry is slightly influenced by Western culture which is why the Ness family tries to mix a hint of Nepalese culture in all the music we create, and it really makes me happy to see the immense talent Nepal has. Social media has given a big boost to the music industry and is the market place to showcase almost unlimited number of beautiful voices screaming for attention.

How challenging is it to combine traditional and contemporary music?

As we have been listening to Nepali music since childhood, we have more inclination towards traditional music but contemporary music is something we learn over time. While creating music we need to brainstorm to be more creative. I would say traditional part is easy but when it comes to mixing, contemporary gets a bit difficult.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I love playing games, eating, going out on rides with friends and shopping. I am a literal shopaholic!

Future plans?

I want to continue making music and making every Nepali proud. I would also like to try going international with Nepalese folk music. Besides, I have plans to start my own clothing brand.

Favourite song: How Do I Breathe by Mario
Inspiration: My dad
Favorite hangout: Patan