WOW | Fashion

Blurring The Lines

Concept/Text: Anushka Shrestha

WOW collaborates with photographer Nischal Bajracharya to bring you a fashion spread that blurs the gender line

Ashish KC

Instagram: kcey_ashisz
Ashish KC started his career as a model in 2018. He has made a mark for himself by walking the ramp for some of the most reputed fashion shows of Nepal and has aced some of the biggest advertisements and photo shoots.

Aakangchha Pathak

Instagram: aakangchha_pathak
Aakangchha Pathak started her modeling career at the age of 16. She has done various photo shoots and has walked the ramp for different fashion shows including the TGIF Fashion Week. She is a recognised as a versatile and passionate model.


Ramp Nepal

Instagram: ramp_nepal
Manish Shahi is the founder and designer of Ramp Nepal. Ramp promotes local products and is a Nepali brand itself. From fabrics to stitching, everything they do is made in the country.

Ankita Shrestha

Ankita Shrestha is a certified makeup artist who did her training from SMA, Thailand. She is currently working as a freelancer.

Location: Chhaya Centre, Thamel