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Body Shaming : The New F Word

Body shaming is a worldwide phenomenon and more women are seen at the receiving end. Inappropriate and negative comments about a person’s body – even to confident people with the most ‘I don’t care attitude’ – leave them feeling vulnerable and anxious, and hurt their self esteem.

Today women are fighting back – and not just celebrities –  telling obnoxious and opinionated bullies to back off.

WOW brought together a few Instagram bloggers to learn from their experience. In the face of blatant body shaming, these ‘It girls of Instagram’ have a carefree rebuttal to offer.

Rhea Pradhan  


Being a blogger, I happen to be part of different photo shoots.  This sometimes leads to negative comments and judgments; one of the common criticisms being about my stretch marks. “What is this? I think you should hide it with makeup or we should get it air-brushed,” are some of the most frequently passed comments.

People should understand that stretch marks are nothing new. They have existed for as long as humans on earth. Seeing them on bikini-clad women shouldn’t be a point of brutal comment. But sadly, social media has become a platform where only perfection sells. Readers and viewers imply that stretch marks are a flaw rather than a natural occurrence.

Earlier I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. The fear of getting judged haunted me so deep that I stopped wearing shorts or any outfit that revealed my tiger stripes. It’s only now after a hundred posts regarding stretch marks normalcy and famous models and magazines coming out with their non-photoshopped pictures that I have gained confidence. I’ve realised the more comfortable we get revealing our stretch marks, more people will stop airbrushing them and more celebrities will share pictures on social media embracing their tiger stripes. Eventually, we might even stop seeing them as a flaw.