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Body Shaming : The New F Word

Body shaming is a worldwide phenomenon and more women are seen at the receiving end. Inappropriate and negative comments about a person’s body – even to confident people with the most ‘I don’t care attitude’ – leave them feeling vulnerable and anxious, and hurt their self esteem.

Today women are fighting back – and not just celebrities –  telling obnoxious and opinionated bullies to back off.

WOW brought together a few Instagram bloggers to learn from their experience. In the face of blatant body shaming, these ‘It girls of Instagram’ have a carefree rebuttal to offer.

Sanna Gurung 


My opinion about body shaming is that it’s wrong how the media creates standards of how a woman should look. People are beautiful in their own different ways. There should be no set standards for beauty.

I have been body shamed multiple times especially because I am short. But I don’t let it bother me. Social media today has a strong influence over anything under the sun. People can express themselves in many different ways. Now many people are using their unique features to tell the world that it’s okay to be different. You are you and that’s what makes you beautiful.