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Body Shaming : The New F Word

Body shaming is a worldwide phenomenon and more women are seen at the receiving end. Inappropriate and negative comments about a person’s body – even to confident people with the most ‘I don’t care attitude’ – leave them feeling vulnerable and anxious, and hurt their self esteem.

Today women are fighting back – and not just celebrities –  telling obnoxious and opinionated bullies to back off.

WOW brought together a few Instagram bloggers to learn from their experience. In the face of blatant body shaming, these ‘It girls of Instagram’ have a carefree rebuttal to offer.

Meri Magar 


When I was a teenager I used to be on the chubbier side. I was not overweight but I used to have chubby cheeks. Although nobody ever called me fat, I wanted to look skinny just because size zero was the ‘in’ thing. This kept making me want to lose weight.

Currently, I have lost around 10 kgs in a year due to health issues. As my figure has noticeablely shrunk, my parents and relatives keep mentioning that they preferred my chubby looks. It is common for elders in Nepali society to prefer chubby (in their terms healthy) looking girls over skinny ones. My mum and aunts keep commenting on how unpleasant I look now, and how I should put on some weight on my thighs, hips and cheeks.  I understand that it is their definition of a good body but I do not want to change my body to anybody’s liking.

I very much believe that social media has a huge influence on our generation. Social media has become a platform for public figures to influence people to acknoledge that all types of bodies are attractive. Bottom line: All sizes are beautiful!