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Body Shaming : The New F Word

Body shaming is a worldwide phenomenon and more women are seen at the receiving end. Inappropriate and negative comments about a person’s body – even to confident people with the most ‘I don’t care attitude’ – leave them feeling vulnerable and anxious, and hurt their self esteem.

Today women are fighting back – and not just celebrities –  telling obnoxious and opinionated bullies to back off.

WOW brought together a few Instagram bloggers to learn from their experience. In the face of blatant body shaming, these ‘It girls of Instagram’ have a carefree rebuttal to offer.

Riya Jain         


I haven’t faced body shaming comments but some people I know have been victims. In my head I have always known that if at all somebody makes me feel differently I wouldn’t ever give them the power to affect me or my state of mind.

I am a strong believer that everyone is perfect and those with flaws are one of a kind. I believe in nurturing a healthy culture. The more confident a woman can feel in her own skin, the less she will care about the world and their judgments. In my definition, it’s the public commentary that has the power to traumatise a person mentally and shake one’s confidence to be happy about who they are. I personally propagate being proud of one’s body and to avoid acts of imposing shameful judgment on others.

A simple question to all is that why would we knowingly hurt another person with your judgment, assumptions and comments. Maybe people who participate in body-shaming are insecure themselves. Today some celebrities and brands are speaking against body shaming. I hope more people will use social media to increase awareness and create positive influence.