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Body Shaming : The New F Word

Body shaming is a worldwide phenomenon and more women are seen at the receiving end. Inappropriate and negative comments about a person’s body – even to confident people with the most ‘I don’t care attitude’ – leave them feeling vulnerable and anxious, and hurt their self esteem.

Today women are fighting back – and not just celebrities –  telling obnoxious and opinionated bullies to back off.

WOW brought together a few Instagram bloggers to learn from their experience. In the face of blatant body shaming, these ‘It girls of Instagram’ have a carefree rebuttal to offer.

Shreya Rai       


Body shaming has always been around, but with the increasing influence of social media it has become more evident. The media and advertisements have always influenced us in our understanding of the ideal body type. A long time back it was curvy, then it was skinny and now the trend is of having larger assets with smaller waist.  If you don’t fit into that group then eventually you get body shamed one way or the other, especially on social media. You can find plenty of people on the internet ready to tear you down by commenting on how you look. I feel sometimes people are insecure about themselves and they go to extreme measures just to fit in and feel accepted. Hence they body shame others. It baffles me how body shamers can’t comprehend that it is extremely emotionally and mentally demeaning to the victim.

Body shaming is basically a form of bullying which should never be tolerated. If you’re healthy and happy with your body nobody should be able to tell you otherwise.