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In the Philippines and the Unites States senior citizens are acknowledged with several benefits and privileges by their government, however in Nepal, senior citizens welfare benefits is observed to be limited in terms of diversity. With this knowledge in 2015, Bihani Social Venture created a pool of networks of both young and older adults who were keen to offer such privileges and thus launched the Bihani membership privilege card.

The idea behind launching the first of its kind privilege card is to promote the quality of life of seniors through social participation and engagement. In addition to enjoying discounts in more than 100 outlets, there are other benefits in activities and services offered by Bihani. Moreover, the owner of the privilege card can lend his or her card to family members or friends of any age to use.

Bihani membership card is easy to slip into your wallet and can be used in more than a hundred different outlets which include bookstores, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, restaurants, spas, cafés and clothing & apparel. Bihani’s pool of networks is keen to offer privileges to seniors and the collaborations are growing. All of Bihani’s enterprise partners whether it is Norvic International Hospital, Café Soma, Rip Curl, Everest Tea House or Alka Pharmacy endorse that elders should be entitled to different benefits.

50 % Discount for Seniors at Tranquility Spa

Tranquility spa believes that the process of ageing must be enjoyed, and a visit to the spa can make you feel indulged. “Spa treatments induce relaxation, reduce pain and stress,a nd enhance an overall sense of wellbeing. Spa services bring balance between body, mind and spirit. Spa treatments are quite enjoyable and beneficial for everyone including senior citizens. “Bihani Privilege card holders are warmly welcomed to enjoy and try our services at 50% discounted price. We are well equipped with state of the art technology and provide a peaceful environment to soothe away your stress, pain, anxiety and rejuvenate mind and body.” Tranquility Spa boasts of being the largest network of spas in Nepal. “We are the first day spa center to be established in Nepal and recognised by Nepal Tourism Board. Our chain of spas is managed by experienced and professional experts educated in renowned institutes in Thailand, Switzerland, UAE and India with a proven history in providing excellent services at Putrajaya Marriot, Le-Meridian, Mirage lords Inn Hyatt, Radisson, Shangri-La, Crown Plaza Hotels and Resorts.”

10% Discount by Baked n’ Fresh

The team at Baked n’ Fresh believes that offering some discount to seniors is a way of thanking them and encouraging existence of inclusive inter-generational social communities. The discount is an encouragement to seniors to be out and about to enjoy a coffee or a croissant rather than staying just indoors. “Visiting Baked n’ Fresh is lovely way to enjoy being active and interactive by having a relaxing time, spending quality time with family and friends. Age is just a number and life at any stage must be enjoyed by keeping it simple.”

Baked n’ fresh café and bakery is a small independent bakery with café specialising in breakfast, light lunches, coffee, pastries and bakery products, located in Bhakhundole.

10% Discount at Wisdom Books

Bipin Audichya, owner of Wisdom Books believes that “reading is a great way to stay productive in one’s spare time. I believe reading is a form of mental exercise and a healthy way to engage in being productive. I believe in the saying that a book is the best company for humans. Our life is a whole book and being old is just a chapter.”

Wisdom Books is a cozy store that has more to offer than you expect at first sight. Along with a variety of must read books, you can also pick up handmade products like Pashmina shawls, essential oils, natural soaps and lokta paper products.