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Bright & Playful by Sakchhi Maskey

• Prep the skin with Keihls Moisturiser with SPF30 and massage it in for one minute.

• Pick a colour palette according to your skin tone. I have applied Limecrime Venus palatte with Morphe 35b using a fluffy blending brush.
• Before applying eye shadow, apply some primer around the eyes and create a subtle transition (gradient) in the crease area followed by lilac eye shadow on the lids. Elongate the eye shadow to create the illusion of snatched eyes.
• Apply thin smokey brown eyeliner to create depth. Finish with waterproof mascara from Maybelline.
• Create feather brows to give a soft dimension (I would suggest this only if you have sharp features). Brush the eyebrows with soap wax to protect it against rain and sweat. Then  fill sparse area with Anastasia Brow Wiz in ebony.

• After moisturising, prep the face with Becca Backlight Filter Primer to give a healthy glow. Use cream highlights (strobing cream) on highpoints of the face.
• Move on to foundation with Fenty beauty in ‘300’ with Makeup Forever HD foundation in 118.
• Highlight the face with Maybelline Concealer in 20 and create shadows by contouring the face using Cream Contour from Charlotte Tilbury.
• Set the face with RCMA no colour powder and set the contour with Kat Von D shade+light pallate.
• Use Tarte Blush in ‘royal’ which is really good for tan skin tones. Apply to back of cheeks, high point of the nose and some on the chin.
• For extra glow, use Becca Skin Perfector in opal on the high points of the face.  Make sure to apply a small amount as too much of it can make you look sweaty.
• Lastly lock in the makeup with Kat Vond d Locks setting spray.

• Create an ombre glossy lip by applying some lip tint from Etude House and top it with Victoria’s Secret gloss.

#Monsoon Skincare
• It’s important for you to prep your skin properly during monsoons as there’s both rain and sun. To protect your skin wear SPF with PA++.
• Make sure to wash your face at least twice a day to avoid excess oil and dirt.
• Exfoliate the skin to get the natural glow.
• Humidity can make your eye area and lips dry so use a good moisturiser.
• Hydrate yourself.

Although a newbie, Sakchhi Maskey has gained immense popularity through her Youtube videos. Her makeup pictures on Instagram are a big hit amongst the young.