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Cafes For Every Book Lover

Sometimes all you need is a warm space to drink hot coffee and curl up with a book,  losing yourself to words that transport you to different lands, time and people. WOW’s Aakriti Maya visits three of Kathmandu’s best cafes to take your book on a date!


Cafe Soma is a hotspot food destination, famous for their well prepared menu and vibrant atmosphere. While the space comfortably adapts to absolutely any situation, from first dates to brunches with grandparents to job interviews, the pleasure of sitting in the sunny interior reading a book is like no other.

One of the best picks from the menu is the Egg Soma, a twist on classic English breakfast. It consists of eggs Benedict, served with crispy but mealy hash brown patties in place of bread. The potato disc is topped with a poached egg, homemade hollandaise sauce, slices of salmon and baby spinach. The product is phenomenal complete with all the components for an ideal breakfast dish. For those that opt for lighter breakfast, Soma offers a one of a kind honey, fig, walnut yoghurt bowl with melodies of texture and sweetness carefully woven across the creamy base of yoghurt teasing and pleasing your taste buds all at once. If you prefer to gulp down the first meal of the day, Soma’s signature juices are not to be missed; their apple, carrot, ginger blend is sure to kickstart your morning. All of these breakfast options taste best with a thick, juicy novel on the side!


“Bodhi” is loosely translated to the knowledge of wisdom, the ethos that Bodhi Books and Bakes has seeked to promote since its inception. The walls in this warm, colorful space are lined with top to toe bookshelves, filled with novels with genres ranging from biological theories to the fictional adventures of 18th century detectives– available for anyone to pick from the shelf and become absorbed in. A tasty lunch menu is offered, but the true specialty of Bodhi Books is, as you may have guessed, the bakes. Bakery items include chocolate fudge brownies and banana bread, mud cakes and vanilla muffins and my personal favorites, the NY style baked cheesecake and Parisian profiteroles. The creamy yet dense cheesecake melts in your mouth and is ideal with a big steaming cappuccino. The light pastry of the saucer sized profiteroles breaks away to reveal the most delightful, generous surprise of whipped cream perfect to eat with the house brewed Americano. So, in the pairing of New York City with Italy and Paris with the USA all right outside the confines of Ring Road lies a perfect Kathmandu afternoon reading away in Bodhi Books and Bakes.


Located in the deceivingly crowded galli alongside QFX Kumari Hall is The Himalayan Tea Room, a must visit spot for those in search of a cosy nook to read a book. The interior is designed with hardwood and muted, earthy colours a perfect setting to drink the vast variety of organic teas offered on the menu. The classics such as green tea, black tea and oolong are offered at various levels of processing which leads to a variety in flavor profiles amongst the same variety of tea. Infusions include a variety of dried flower/fruits/leaves and roots to add both flavour and health benefits. Some of our favourites include rosemary, rhododendron, hibiscus and lemongrass. Fruit infusions and ayurvedic decoctions like, dry mango and saffron are one of a kind flavour that will delight your throat and surprise your palettes. Gone are the days of dropping a sad teabag into a cup of percolated hot water, one visit to the Himalayan Tea room will cure you of your sore throat, uncultured tea habits and ache for some solitude, with a book of course.