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Can marriage survive betrayal?

Aastha-PantAstha Pant

Hospital Administrator, CIWEC Pokhara

A marriage surviving betrayal is a myth in my belief. Betrayal may manifest in any form – a spouse’s extramarital affair, or his/her work related ill-doing, or a one-night stand… just about anything. One may ignore the hurt and disappointment caused, try to forgive the spouse for the wrongdoing and choose to move on with life, but forgiving is one thing and forgetting is entirely another, the latter being impossible in my view. I believe nobody can ever forget being on the receiving end of betrayal. If you can’t forget means it will stay with you as long as you live. No matter how hard you try to put the ugly episode behind, the cracks will remain forever. It is like severe physical wounds; they do heal eventually but the scars always serve as an ugly reminder of the pain caused. Physical wounds are better as the pain they cause fade away after awhile, however in case of emotional wounds that betrayal brings in a marriage, the scars are forever painful. There are a lot of elements that constitute a marriage, trust being the foundation upon which this beautiful union is based. Betrayal shatters this very foundation. A marriage may not always break following deceit but it most definitely will not remain the same. I wouldn’t call such a scenario ‘surviving betrayal’.