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Can marriage survive betrayal?

Jannu-ChudalJannu Chudal

Communication & PR Officer

It is a confounding question in itself. For me, the underlying factors that keep a marriage alive are trust, love and respect for each other. And often it’s a thin line that leads to betrayal. And then, of course, different marriages could have different forms of betrayal from infidelity to physical and mental abuse, addiction, and dowry, etc. And sometimes there are partners who are both the victim as well as the betrayer. Then comes the question of ‘what is surviving’ in the marriage. For example, in many cases, children are involved; the notion of divorce is still a taboo in countries like ours especially in rural areas; financial constraints; and therefore, compromises are made.

In my opinion, one of the best solutions could be that partner’s talk things out which could lead to behavioural changes. However, if the change is limited to some time, then one needs to know that the marriage cannot survive constant betrayal. S/he needs to square the circle by walking out of it.