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Can marriage survive betrayal?

Nikita-AcharyaNikita Acharya

VJ/ Assistant Producer, Himalaya Televison

Marriage is the utmost form of socially acknowledged association uniting two individuals together. And like every other relationship, it needs continuous effort from both partners to make it work. If there is proper communication and one can speak without the fear of being judged then I don’t think there will ever be a case of betrayal in a relationship.

Every individual has their own definition of the term betrayal. To some, it may be as simple as looking at somebody else. And to others, even extreme cases of verbal and physical abuse are passed off as acts of anger. I believe that when the one person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life chooses to betray you, whatever excuse that s/he may bring to the discussion doesn’t really make a difference. Once you are wronged, it is never certain that it won’t happen again. A mistake easily forgiven will soon turn into a habit and your act of forgiveness will be considered your weakness and be used against you.

There may be arguments about how a relationship is to be valued more than a mistake. Compromises are made. But constant concessions weaken and destroy faith in our partner. If you’ve dared enough to lie and cheat then you should at least have the strength and decency to let them go.

With years of evolution, we have become physically and mentally strong to cope with anything. If it means two people staying together and moving on with their lives even if they’re not happy with each other, then yes marriage can survive betrayal. I’m not saying that marriage cannot survive betrayal but that it should not. Life is too short to be wasted on the wrong person.