WOW Health | Gynaecology

Q. I am a 22 year old female who has an active sex life. Can you suggest the best birth control method that I could opt for? I am thinking about birth control pills.  – Sita Vaidya

A. Low dose combined oral contraceptive pill (OC pill) is best for young women who are sexually active. Anyone can use it. Only in a few cases such as hypertension, diabetes, migraine, history of liver dysfunction and breast cancer one is advised not to use it. Also, it might not be as effective if someone is taking anti-tuberculosis drugs, antiepileptic drugs or other antibiotics. 

Also, it’s important to understand that OC pill will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, we recommend young people who are not married or not in a stable relationship to use condom along with OC pill.

For best effect, it should be taken at the same time every day. The best part about low dose pills is that it does not have any effect on body weight or long-term impact on fertility. But, if you take it for a long time there is a slight chance of having cervical and breast cancer. 

If you miss one pill then, take it as soon as you remember (within 24 hours) the next tablet should be taken at the usual time.

Furthermore, OC pills do not reduce sex drive. It rather enhances it as one does not have to fear about pregnancy.