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Celebrating Women

It was a celebration of womanhood amidst incredible hospitality at the luncheon at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu on March 4 on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Hosted by General Manager Sinead O’Reilly-Henell, the event saw remarkable and inspiring women from different walks of life sharing their life’s work.

Present at the event were

  1. Angur Baba Joshi – Social Worker and Activist;
  2. Amuda Mishra – Founder/ Executive Director of Ujyalo Foundation;
  3. Dikchhya Chapagai – President of Pabitra Samaj Sewa;
  4. Faija Parween – Operations Director of Open Space Nepal;
  5. Gita Gurung – Secretary of Thamel Tourism Board/ Executive Member at Manang Women Empowerment Group;
  6. H.E. Maria Teressa Mesquita Pessoa – Brazilian Ambassador to Nepal;
  7. Maria Hovden Perry, Fundraiser of Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre For Disabled Children;
  8. Olga Murray – Founder of Nepal Youth Foundation;
  9. Samriddhi Rana – Head of Health and Rehabilitation of Bihani Social Venture;
  10. Sharmila Thapa – President of Samida Women Development Forum;
  11. Sristi Joshi Malla, Chairperson of SABAH Nepal;
  12. Charu Chadha, Editor of Media 9;
  13. Supriya Pradhan, Senior Reporter of WOW
  14. Ayushree Thapa, Reporter of WOW.

Over an elaborate and delicious meal and great conversations, we asked some of the ladies what empowerment means to them.


Sharmila Thapa
Recognising the infinite amount of strength within a woman.

Faija Parween

Faija Parween
Having the freedom of expressing what you want and what you think. It’s just being yourself. It should begin from YOU.

Maria Hovden Perry

Maria Hovden Perry
It means gender equality, equal opportunity for men and women. However, having said that, it also means considering both the pros and cons that come with equality. We must be ready to face both the challenges and opportunities.


Samriddhi Rana
Having a sense of purpose and being able to choose that. It is being independent to make a decision, and have the means to pursue your dreams and ambitions.

Gita Gurung

Gita Gurung
It is when all women recognise their individual capabilities and utilise it together for the betterment of the society.


Amuda Mishra
It is basically giving women opportunities to do things they strive to and helping them find a place in leadership. However, on a larger scale, I think women empowerment is not having bystanders in the society but fostering an environment that is safe and abolishing elements that hinder those women who want to practice leadership. So in the end, it all comes out to social transformation, social empowerment.

Sristi Joshi Malla

Sristi Joshi Malla
The right to choose to be what we want to be and do what we want to do.