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How important is it to maintain SELF-IDENTITY in a relationship?

Chirag Bangdel
Artist, Writer, Radio Presenter and Producer

It is very important for each one of us to maintain self-identity at all times. A person always has their own perspective to everything including social and religious values. One should also have their own perspective to the purpose of life. For me these are very important values.

When you fall in love with someone, your partner should love you for all your values. If not, your partner does not love you for who you are and is probably in love with you for other reasons. But having said all this, it is also known that love makes you sacrifice things. So if you realise that the relationship that you are in, needs you to make little compromises on your values, I think that should be alright, as long as you don’t change your values in a big way. I think self-identity also creates self-esteem which is very important.