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Classic Cupid

The eyes are considered to be the window to the soul. And when it comes to seduction, almost everything has to do with the language of the eyes. We roped in makeup artist Itchya Karki to show us the highly seductive classic winged eye look. She shares that the winged eyeliner reveals a subtle yet unmistakably seductive stare.

Itchya Karki is the Managing Director of The Beauty Bar Spa and Salon. She has received her training from Canada as a medical aesthetician.


#1. As always I like to start my makeup on a clean slate: Cleansed, toned and moisturised. I move on to sunscreen, my personal favourite Bioderma Photoderm MAX Aquafluide SPF 50. I never leave the house without it. Not to forget that one must apply sunscreen at least three times a day.

#2. Since we are doing a classy cat eye. I will start with my base makeup first. I wanted to go for a sultry yet not over the top look. Therefore, my foundation layering is kept minimum If you already have great just use a light tinted CC cream.

#3. After applying foundation, blend it well with Sephora beauty blender (make sure your blender is wet for that dewy finish). Then move to the concealer. I like to conceal underneath my eyes to cover up the dark circles. A little concealer here and there is a must for that perfect skin tone.

#4. After the base is ready, set it for a bit. I use the Makeup Forever translucent powder underneath the eyes and the middle of my forehead to get rid of the shine. (PRO TIP: It’s better you let the base settle before contouring like a goddess.)

#5. Now for the eyes, go for something softer. I swiped some nice neutral colour eyeshadow (almost skin tone like) on the eyelids. Blend, blend and blend. I have opted for slightly darker shade on the crease to give the eyes more definition. Now we proceed to create the perfect sharp winged eyeliner.

#6. Take pencil eyeliner and draw an extended line on the outer edge of your eyes making an angle with your eyebrows. Adjust the length according to your desired length of the wing

#7. Place the pencil where this line ends and draw a line that flicks inward with a slight curve and extends the line to the inner corner of your eye. If you find it difficult to extend the same line in on one go, extend it at least halfway into your upper lash line and then continue till the inner corner. Try to make sure that the line thins gradually, especially if you have smaller eyes

#8. Fill up the gap until no skin peeps through from between the upper and the bottom line that forms your wing.

#9. If you are fine with a softer finish, leave it as it is. But if you want your wings to be more striking and bold, take liquid eyeliner and carefully trace along the lines you have created with your pencil eyeliner. Also, if you are planning to include this step, you can allow your lines to be a little rough on the edge while using the pencil eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner will cover up the rough edges to give a perfectly smooth finish.

#10. Now we have the perfect classic cat eye and can proceed to the lips. Start by lining the lips and then fill them with lipstick or lip gloss. I directly applied the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint by Rihanna; if you are looking for a red for all lips this lip paint is the best.

#11. For the last touch up I have done a slight contouring for the cheeks and applied some highlighter on my cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. I have ended the look with a soft touch of blush and set it up with a makeup setting spray.