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Confidence is Your Best Attire

With an easy sense of humour, Miseek Limbu is down to earth and a free spirited soul who craves the simpler things in life.

Fashion is an art for her and it shows in the minimalistic designs that are beautifully crafted under her brand name. She enjoys designing for men but will be soon be releasing her collection for women.

Miseek_LimbuWhat is fashion for you?
Fashion is my imagination… the way my mind and imagination work together.

What does Miseek Limbu offer to fashion lovers?
You know anyone can get dressed up and look glamorous but it is how people dress on their days off that is most intriguing. People automatically think designer wear is only for special occasions. I want to erase this opinion because my designs are for everyday wear. You can actually wear it any day. It is strongly rooted as street wear and minimalism. It feels good to be the very first designer of Nepal who is strictly a street wear designer. It is really a big pride for me because not many know about street wear, street art, street fashion. I want to reach out to youngsters and fashion lovers as a street fashion designer.

Your fashion inspiration…
I don’t have any icon seriously but there’s this man who has inspired me so deeply that I can’t explain it. Yohji Yamamoto is someone whom I really have a lot of respect for. He’s like a fashion creator to me because you know I can relate to him in every way. When I see him doing things I always feel like, why do I relate to him so much. It’s crazy sometimes. Every time I see him doing an interview I get nostalgic in a good way. I always feel like he speaks to my inner mind and it’s so beautiful to hear his words.

*(Yohji Yamamoto is an influential Japanese fashion designer based in Tokyo and Paris)

What is your favourite trend this year?
Honestly I have never ever followed any trend my whole life despite being a fashion designer. Because the trends that come I just can’t relate to, and if I can’t relate to something I don’t even touch it. Maybe I am really on another chapter of fashion. It is weird right because I am quite weird.


…And what would you like to see disappear?
I love this question. I wish polka dots would disappear forever. It’s just a wish but can’t stand it lord!

Describe your ‘I made it moment’…
You know, “I haven’t made it” at all. I am not even half way in my journey. I wish I could proudly tell you that I have a ‘I made it moment’ but I don’t have any. My dreams are a bit bigger. Sometimes it really scares that shit out of me, even when I think about it. But deep inside I know, one day I will not be scared of my dreams anymore

3 Must Have’s in a woman/ man’s wardrobe

For men

  • A sports shoe
  • A very fine tailored suit
  • A long bomber jacket

For Women

  • Classy strappy heels
  • An elegant dress – doesn’t matter if its short or long
  • A very classy bag that will change the game

What’s HOT in the coming season?
I am one of those fashion designers who will tell you “don’t ever follow any fashion rules”. Your confidence is your beauty. Whatever you wear with confidence… that’s the best thing ever!
Fashion seasons will come and go. Whether you wear a $50 dress or a $500 one, if you don’t have the confidence to own it, it’s not worth it.

Do you believe in age appropriate dressing?
A big “NO”. See I am a free soul. I fancy freedom. I hate sticking to rules, that is why I always tell people, just be yourself. When people ask me about what’s good for summer or winter I personally hate to answer it, but it is my job so I have to. Age appropriate dressing is not my thing I guess. I love it when a 60 year old grandma can rock her distressed jeans, a five year old girl can carry a long over coat, a 50 year old grand dad can wear long bomber jackets. Damn! I would go insane if I see people like them. Fashion is freedom. There’s no fun in sticking to any rules. And fashion is another identity of yours so be free enough to love yourself. P.S. I wear Gold Star shoes which costs you around Rs. 700. Even though I am a fashion designer, I will not stick to any fashion rules because that would be lying to myself to fit into society which I won’t.

How important is accessorising your outfit?
I believe in less is more and lesser is more beautiful. Also when you care a hell of a lot about accessorising, you will end up losing your real charm. Less is always more.

How much importance do you give to comfort while designing?
The first thing is I don’t like to be called a fashion designer because it sounds way too cheesy. I would rather be called an artist. When you have a tag of specific identity you only have a certain boundary. When you are an artist it just never stops anywhere because an artist doesn’t have any boundaries. I work as an artist not as a fashion designer. I believe when you are an artist you have a lot to give… things you want to give and not what the public wants. For me that’s real artist. As for comfort level, my designs are always comfortable. You can wear it and run from Kingsway to Budhanilkantha easily.

Can style be acquired?
Through money you even get a fake mother in this fake world. That’s the bitter truth… as for style, its nothing. But even if you do acquire it, you will only have that style which you have bought. But at the end of the day think about where your own style stands.

Your Signature
My signature style would be my mood. That’s how I start to work, and each and every one of my designs carry my whole emotion. I put all my emotions in my work so that’s my signature style.

One fashion indulgence….
It would be Maison Margiela “white silver future” sneakers.