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confidence is SEXY

Women love to look their best. Whether its clothes, makeup, shoes or accessories… whether you like to glam up or go au natural, the key is confidence.

“Clothes are our second skin. Something we can choose, so choose appropriately and look your best!” – Jyotika Singhal, Mrs Northen India 2015

Jyotika Singhal is an image consultant and soft skills trainer from New Delhi and was recently invited by Hidden Treasure to provide the current Miss Nepal 2017 contestants with insight into looking good and feeling great.

What is your role with Miss Nepal 2017 paegent?
My role is to groom the ladies, and to give knowledge about body language and styling as well.

How did you choose a career in styling?
It always attracted me and from childhood I used to keep notes from magazines and fashion shows on television as well as keep track of the latest trends. When you decide to make your interest into your career, magic happens!

What is your definition of fashion …?
Fashion for me is whatever suits you the BEST! Whether it’s your choice of colour, style or cut.

How important is styling?
Styling is very important. The first thing in the morning , you see yourself in the mirror… and what you see in that moment will set the tone of your day. Looking your best and dressing appropriate to the occasion will always enhance your confidence.

Best thing about being you…
When I train people, I feel like I am changing their self perspective. I think I make them appreciate themselves more! Building their confidence and pushing them forward also makes me feel!

Advice for upcoming fashion stylists…
It’s important work because you are making a difference to somebody’s life and s/he trusts you to help him/her. It is just not a career in fashion and style, but a profession which helps people feel better and confident.