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Cow/Animal Shelter Awareness Programme

About 8000 animals annually, particularly male calves/bulls are stranded on the highways and roadways in Nepal. Likewise, around 25,000 dogs and cats are roaming the streets of Kathmandu. These animals struggle for food, water and space to graze. They are abused, victimised and even get killed in road accidents. Members of The Art of Living Foundation-Nepal, Hotel Yak and Yeti, Agni Group, ASMAN, Daya Foundation and Kathmandu Engineering College took an initiative to raise awareness about the existence of the cow/animal shelter and to support ‘Mathmandir Gai Bachha Bachau Tatha Samaj Bikash Aabhiyan – 2071’, a cow shelter to adopt and raise stranded cows, buffaloes and calves on the streets.

During the programme, Neeva M. Pradhan, Faculty at Art of Living Foundation provided a short history and status of the various animal shelters. She introduced the ‘Adopt a Cow’ campaign, where attendees got to learn about how they can be involved and what they can contribute to the animal shelters, individually and collectively.