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Creating a gender just society

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shrees

Namrita Puri
President of the Indian Women’s Association – Kathmandu, Spouse of the Ambassador of India to Nepal.

In the past, the role of women was very important but more in the context of family relations. Recent times have seen this change tremendously with many women, even in the developing world, stepping into the professional world and performing admirably. Holding positions and doing their best has a vital role in creating a gender just society.

My mother was a role model for me. She most beautifully combined her family duties with her passion for teaching. She taught decades back at the university level. Today, I am happy to see women holding key diplomatic positions in our Embassy in Kathmandu.   

We live in a world where certain roles such as household chores or rearing children are perceived feminine and on the other hand, being tough, not expressing their vulnerability in distress as essential masculine traits. These stereotypes need to be broken and I am very glad that this is happening with women increasingly entering every profession. Role models are important and it makes me particularly happy to see women piloting planes, leading corporate houses, and in uniform. Last year, we had young 16 year old girl from India climb Mt. Everest as also a lady of over 50.

I am particularly happy to see that in Nepal the Constitution itself guarantees an equal share for women at the highest positions within the state structures.

Being a mother of two – a daughter and a son – I believe and say without hesitation that we are “not the same” and were not created to be the same, but both men and women must be judged by the same parameters and considered equal in all senses in the professional world and at home.