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Creating a gender just society

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shrees

Tamiko Asama
Chief Representative, JICA Nepal Office

The role of women in creating gender just society started with encouraging and supporting each other for change. Women activists have worked hard for this. These are not only women who hold positions but also ordinary women who have encouraged others to change their beliefs, life and society. In spite of many obstacles women have not given up their struggle for equality, rather they have made themselves stronger. Their weapon is their strong willpower to create change. It is their motivating force. Today, there are many women who have actualised their talents and reached leading positions. However, many women are still facing difficulties despite having the talent and ambition. Women must build their self-confidence and work together for change. Real power lies in unity.

Another important aspect is that male and female are two parts of the same coin. Good relationship and coordination with men is the most effective and practical way to create a gender just society.